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Turnkey Project Management

The idea of Turnkey Project Management (TPM) for complex technical and construction projects is to reduce the client’s costs and the effort for observing, individual coordination and planning to a minimum. Medical device Turnkey project management means that our clients will receive a total turnkey approach to their investment project. Under the project idea, the Project need will be included and completely responsible for all technical coordination tasks with all other trades and client users.

Why Choose Turnkey Project?

Turnkey project management assists our customers by offering comprehensive solutions to create manufacturing plant layout design that suits the client’s requests and requirements in their turnkey construction project while adhering to industry environment standards, partner product installation standards and customer quality standards. We have experienced trained professionals team that work according to set standards, constantly upgrading their work techniques in turnkey construction, that assures meeting customer requirements timely and as per defined QMS certification standards. We follow a well-defined work methodology for organized working, which leads to zero-errors and higher efficiency and makes sure that the clients understand the turnkey project advantages and disadvantages.

The benefits of a turnkey project with us is that customers

  • Can characterize the task-extension and results alongside us ahead of time.
  • Can define exactly the project scope and results with our expertise.
  • Can dedicate the project coordination activity with third parties like draftsmen, structural designers and contractors to us.

This helps customer spare time and reduces costs to a great extent.

All through the project realization (arranging, delicate, development and charging stages) of a turnkey project, the customer can likewise use the skill and the experience of our strategic buying capital goods.

We know the entanglements of the business and guide our customers securely to the turnkey handover of their investment. We also take into account local tender requirements and specifications if so specified.

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Turnkey Project includes below-mentioned services that need to be taken care of for successfully completing the project.



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