Clean Room Design Consultant

  • Medical Device Manufacturing Consultant
    Medical Device Manufacturing Consultant
    Operon Strategist is a Consultant Company For Medical Device Industry, Primary Packing Material Manufacturing Industry & Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • Plant Layout Design Consultant
    Plant Layout Design Consultant
    We provide complete Turnkey Solutions for Manufacturers For Facility Plant Design,Clean Room Design.
  • Clean Room Design Consultant
    Clean Room Design Consultant
    We Provide Clean Room Design Consultant Service For Medical Device Industry, Primary Packing Material Manufacturing Industry & Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • Equipment selection and Sourcing
    Equipment selection and Sourcing
    Facilities,Utilities & Equipment Validation For Medical Device Industry and Primary Packaging Industry.

Operon Strategist is a consulting company for medical device industry, primary packing material manufacturing industry & pharmaceutical industry. (Medical device consultant, primary packing material consultant, pharmaceutical consultant)

Manufacturers of medical devices like orthopedic implants, disposables and other medical devices, primary packing material & various pharma products have to design their manufacturing unit to meet cGMP requirements & other regulatory requirements.

Operon Strategist in consultation with the client determines the bio-burden & sterility requirements for the medical device.

Accordingly the clean room classification for each room is determined. The classified areas are also reflected in the factory layout design to give a better clarity to the client about classified & unclassified areas.

Operon Strategist coordinates with clean room providers to convey the exact requirements to prevent any miscalculations while designing the clean room.

His will ensure smooth transition during audits from regulatory bodies & customers. The layout is prepared by our Auto-CAD expert based on inputs from the client & their architect/civil engineer.

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